His future has been jeopardized by the criminal activities of the manga writer, the manga fan community Act-Age showed tremendous support for the manga illustrator, Shiro Usazaki.

The 22-year-old artist is very active on Twitter and is one of the magazine's younger talents Weekly shonen jumpand has always been supported by his fan base and that of the manga, who have shown their support through social networks and put pressure on the publisher not to jeopardize their professional future. They even suggested that she continue publishing the manga, which is actually not possible.

However, not only the fan community but also various well-known authors have expressed supportive words, including Yusuke Murata, Artist of One hit man and Eye protection 21who is dedicated to retweeting Usazaki's art. On the other hand, the artist Yokoyari Mengo, Illustrator of Oshi no Ko and author of Kuzu no honkai, expressed: "I hope that all priorities are on the recovery of the victims and that Shueisha shows her support for Usazaki. He must have a really hard time ...""

On the other hand the author of Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai, Taishi Tsutsui comments: "In terms of Act-Age, the victims, Shiro Usazaki, the editorial staff, and everyone involved in adapting a play; As a fan, it's very sad and upset to talk about, but we also need to act with a certain amount of pride towards others as the only culprit was the writer". However, the author later deleted this post.

Regarding contributions from fans, some comments: "If you liked the aesthetic look of the Act Age manga, please support and follow the artist Usazaki-san on Twitter. She's very active and I've been following her since the manga started. She deserves the best of us".

""Can we talk about the act age illustrator Shiro Usazaki? She was so young and with such great art that she got on so well with manga until this sick man did his thing. I am very worried about her too, I hope she is fine".

""I'm very sad when I remember that Usazaki (the act age artist) didn't do anything wrong and is still having a pretty bad time. We can support it. Given that she is one of the youngest talents at Shueisha, it would be terrible if her career stalled because of working with a pedophile.".

""Act-Age had pioneered a great female character in Jump magazines and was illustrated by an extremely talented illustrator. All of this fell apart thanks to this nasty junk. This message still haunts me".

Act-Age was a manga series by Tatsuya Matsuki and illustrated by Shiro Usazakiwho began their publication in the magazine Weekly shonen jump from the publisher Shueisha in January 2018. The imminent repeal due to the arrest of the author Tatsuya Matsuki for sexual assault on two minors was announced by the publisher this morning, with the launch of the thirteenth volume and serialization from the chapter of the 11th century being canceled in August.

Act-Age Synopsis

The story revolves around Kei Yonagi, a student whose dream is to become an actress. She lives with her two younger brothers after her father left her and her mother passed away.

Kei has an impressive knack for acting, to the point where he can get into character enough to give up on reality. During a foreplay, some speculate that her incredible talent could be dangerous for herself as well, and she is not accepted. However, Kei attracts the attention of a renowned director named Sumiji Kuroyama, who hires her to showcase her talent and potential.

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