One of the most popular legends of Dragon Ball Super was the one dedicated to Zamasu, a mad antagonist determined to banish mortals from existence. Let's relive the fight against Black Goku in this fantastic collector's statue for over 450 euros.

Made by Fattboy Studio, the Black Goku Super Saiyan Rose figure is 49 centimeters high and features details that are superbly crafted. A size and quality that justifies the very high price; in fact we are talking about 470 euros. But if you're a fan of this antagonist, and more generally of the franchise, you can't help but buy it.

The collector's statue can be pre-ordered and will be released in 2021. The Black Goku Super Saiyan Rose is introduced into the statue Attack of the Z warriors with his energy scythe in hand. In addition to the incredible realization of the character himself, what stands out most is the details of the fabric of the clothes worn and the pink aura that surrounds it. The future has no hope with such a fierce opponent. And what do you think of this limited number? Do you want to buy it or is the price too high? In the meantime, Shueisha's domain is being updated and Broly's return to Dragon Ball Super is suggested. Let's find out the news about the continuation of the Dragon Ball Super anime at Jump Festa.

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