In 2022 Dragon Ball returns with a new feature film. Animated in 3DCG, the first trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero showed us the main characters of the story, or Goku and Piccolo, accompanied by Pan and other completely new characters in the world of Akira Toriyama.

There's the return of the red ribbon in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but not only that. During the NYCC, the character designs of some characters were also revealed and Among them are Bulma and Dende. The Dragon Ball Hype Twitter page has collected the two pictures related to these characters, which you can see below.

In the first, we shot Dende in three poses: The god of the earth has now stabilized himself in this adult version and with a classic uniform. Bulma then inevitable, the female protagonist of Dragon Ball and present in every one of its productions. Vegeta's wife appears again with completely new clothes, as the picture shows. In the four poses available, we see her wearing a yellow jumpsuit with the Capsule Corporation logo on while her hairstyle has stabilized and resembles that in Dragon Ball Super.

What do you think of her return? Dragon Ball Super: superhero? It is currently unknown what role the two will take on or if they will make a simple appearance.

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