During San Diego Comic-Con 2021, one of the most important events of the year, TOEI Animation's producers met with Masako Nozawa, the iconic voice of Son Goku, to present them to the public Dragon Ball Super: superhero, the new movie in the Akira Toriyama franchise.

The new movie, which was released in 2022, finally came to light during the panel on Dragon Ball. The first Super Hero trailer, showing Goku doing his signature warm-up jumps, shows how TOEI abandoned the classic 2D style to get closer modern 3D CGI technology.

In addition to the clip, some images were also shown that revealed the official design of Krillin, Piccolo, an unpublished protagonist, and Pan. Only Gohan and Videl's daughter seems to be the character who made the most changes. While she's barely a baby in Dragon Ball Super, Pan appears to be around six or seven years old in these pictures. Indeed the little one wear a school uniform, a symptom that recently started its own degree that Japanese children start around this age.

So in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero there will be a leap in time of a few years, a time frame in which we still don't know what happened. From previous statements it can be deduced that this new film will give up the more epic battles in order to focus more on the weaker characters and theirs Excerpts of life.

This hypothesis shines through the Words from Norihiro Hayashida, Manufacturer of TOEI. "I think this movie has a different appeal than Dragon Ball Super: Broly. There are a lot more scenes from life that really highlight Akira Toriyama's rich world."

So Goku and Vegeta will most likely have to this time around leave space for other characterslike Little Pan or Great Saiyaman, the superhero who gave the film its name. Akira Toriyama took an active part in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, so there is no doubt about the film. Here are all the details about Super Hero.

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