After so much mystery and community theories, the trailer that was shown at New York Comic-Con 2021 finally showed us the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Super: superhero. The threat to peace on earth this time will not be a god of destruction or a legendary warrior, but a criminal organization already known to fans.

As revealed in the first official trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the Z Warriors will be challenged the Army of the Red Band, a dangerous antagonist Goku defeated and destroyed in his very first adventure. This nefarious organization will return with the attack Gamma 1 and Gamma 1, the two unreleased characters who appear to be more technologically advanced versions of Doctor Gelo's androids.

The red ribbon is an integral and almost fundamental part of the History of the work of Akira Toriyama. In fact, it was Goku's first opponent who had to face the machinations of the group as a child. Back in Dragon Ball Z, in the saga of androids and cells, the Army of the Red Band will now threaten the new generation of the franchise as well.

With the opportunity to thank fans for reaching a quarter of a million followers, the official Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Twitter account said that next information about the filma focuses on the power and secrets of Red Ribbon, novelties that "must be watched with impatience".

What should we expect from the Criminal Organization this time, what evil plans are taking shape? We leave you to the possible plot of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the age and possible role of Goten and Trunks in the film.

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