Dragon Ball Super: Superhero brought the franchise back a few years, giving Gohan and Piccolo the role of protagonists ready to face a threat from the first series: the Red Ribbon Army. This revived organization has spawned new androids, but what will be the consequences of this return in the manga?

As it actually happened for the events narrated in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we can expect to see it all events of the last film canonized also in the continuity narrated in the Dragon Ball Super manga. By resetting the numbers of Dr. Gelo manufactured Android models will use the dr Hedo has developed Gamma 1 and Gamma 2and most importantly, an extremely dangerous bio-android: Cell Max.

In the final scenes of the film, Gamma 2 sacrifices itself to stop Cell Max, causing the destruction of two of Hedo’s creations protected by area 1 during the fight. Considering the sensitivity shown by Hedo himself, who always had to obey the orders of Magenta, leader of the new Red Ribbon Army that has now been destroyed, The scientist decided to work for Bulma at Capsule Corp. to work.

A decision that could easily slot him and his surviving android into the future narrative of Dragon Ball Super. Tell us what you think of this possible integration of Hedo and Gamma 1 in the manga by leaving a comment below.

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