After so much waiting Dragon Ball returns in an anime version with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Film slated for 2022 in Japan. Even if it was done in 3DCG, fans still have a certain level of expectation and are also curious about what the main characters of the story will be.

The antagonists Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 have been introduced, Bulma and Dende will return and finally the presence of the Red Ribbon has been leaked. But the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer confirms the presence of another character. In the HD video available above that blocks us in the 0:33 minute, we see Goku fighting someone who creates immense excitement that covers everything with one attack. You can immediately see who this character is, with a green and purple dress and long black hair.

The offensive frame was also blocked and photographed in the tweet below, where this can be clearly seen in Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Broly will appear. The legendary Saiyan, recently introduced to the canonical universe with the film dedicated to him in 2018, will therefore return in the anime. So Broly fans can rest assured that while he hasn't appeared in the Toyotaro manga yet, the character has not been forgotten by Toriyama and the rest of the production.

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