Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is finally a reality. After months of rumors, then half announcements and very few previews, there was space at San Diego Comic-Con 2021 to talk about the brand’s new film, officially unveil the title, character design of the characters and initial information.

Certainly the decision to shoot the film in 3DCG was debated while someone focused on the antagonists and time jump of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. During the brief presentation of the panel, however, there was still a little, little relevant, but still interesting information about the character of Piccolo. In addition to his character design, one of the few main characters revealed and what therefore seems to mean that the namekkiano will be the focus of the new film has finally been revealed In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Piccolo will have a home of his own.

Over time it has often been shown under waterfalls in the woods or on top of God’s sanctuary with dende, or otherwise wandered around. But now one of the scenes shown shows his house, almost identical to the usual Namekkian apartments. In the tweet below, you can see the white building from above, near a waterfall where Piccolo is likely to be training.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is planned for 2022 and will present us with a completely new storyline.

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