This week, that separates us from the debut of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero in Japanese cinemas, scheduled for June 11, more and more spoilers about the film are likely to be posted online. Not long ago, a rumor spread around the internet that three characters would play marginal roles in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

On the web you can also find theories about the film, fueled by more or less current rumours. According to some fans, in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero we will see the return of Cell as the supreme android of Doctor Frost He never returned to the franchise after being defeated Gohan Super Saiyan 2.

In a tweet from the @ accountDbsHype1 we become aware new details on the villains of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, especially on Magenta and Dr. hedo. The two founders of the new Red Ribbon Army have something no better defined called "Ultimate Evil' about which they will have some disagreement throughout the film.

As reported by @DbsHype1in the movie magenta will activate the "Ultimate Evil". despite the contrary opinion of Dr. hedo. The latter knows that there is still no way to control the weapon, which, once activated, goes into berserk mode and becomes completely uncontrollable. So it will be Magenta's selfishness to unleash the "Ultimate Evil" against that warrior e.gready to save the earth from a new threat.

We can't wait to see Ultimate Evil animated with innovative techniques by TOEI animation, specially designed for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Will Akira Toriyama's new feature film live up to expectations?

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