Akira Toriyama's franchise continues to be one of TOEI Animation's and Shueisha's golden eggs, so it's no surprise either Dragon Ball Super: Superhero it would have convinced the public. The film's premiere was a success, but what do the first financial reports say?

The new film project inherited the heavy burden of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, a film that had conquered critics and fans thanks to the convincing combination of fan service and an excellent technical sector. Instead, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero used 3DCGI, a new technique for the saga that, after initial perplexity, seems to have finally won over the huge community.

And the results can be seen at the box office during opening weekend, where the film grossed Saturday and Sunday. a whopping $5.09 million (about 4.86 million euros at current exchange rates), compared to 386,000 tickets sold. For comparison DBS: Broly got hold of 820,000 tickets for one on the first weekend Collection of 8.85 million euros. The latter film, unlike the first, also counted on Fridays, but would hardly have achieved the extraordinary results of the previous film.

In any case, the verdict still seems to declare Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as another box office success. And you instead, what do you think of these numbers? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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