The power of Son Goku has grown exponentially throughout the series Dragonball Superwhereby he is able to face deities and even use techniques that are considered divine in all respects. However, the Saiyan is still a long way from being the best fighter in the universe, as the mangaka Toyotaro pointed out.

The main criticisms of Dragon Ball Super now often emerge in relation to the excessive and extraordinary power that Goku and Vegeta have now achieved out of reach for other Z-fighterswho played an equally important role in the past as they faced some of the most iconic villains in the entire work.

Uchida, the series editor, has quietly stated that in the last part of the saga of the magician Molo, had reached perfectionto activate and master the Ultra Complete Instinct. However, in a direct response to the editor, Toyotaro replied: β€œThat's why in the first half of the 16th There is still a lot to do for Goku. There is Whis, Beerus and the high priest."With these words, the Mangaka has somewhat reduced the already enormous power of the protagonist and put other hypothetical mentors and goals in front of him.

Also, given the recent debut of the new form of Vegeta, it's still not clear which of the two Saiyajins comes closest to the above perfection. What do you think of Toyotaro's words? Would you like Goku to get even more powerful? Let us know with a comment below.

To conclude, we'll let you find out who created Granolah between Toriyama and Toyotaro.

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