If Goku became the ruthless hero we know today, it is because he was surrounded by him as his adventure progressed Numbers that have helped him grow. Think, for example, of Master Roshi, who is fundamental in youth, or Whis, thanks to whom he has reached new heights. However, he received the last lesson from Merus.

Without the teachings he received, Goku would not now be the proud and powerful Saiyan of Dragon Ball Super. But in life you never stop learning, e.g. Goku received a new life lesson from Merus.

In Chapter 64 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku is finally back in the running to finally defeat Molo, the antagonist of the new narrative arc. If the Saiyan can compete with the evil wizard, then it is Merus alonewho sacrificed himself for the good of humanity.

"I learned another important lesson from Merus", Says Goku to Jaco. "I don't fight alone. I was saved by Vegeta and also by Dende. In the end I forced Merus to give up his life. But he didn't do it for me, he did it for our universe.".

In Dragon Ball Super, Goku mainly fought for become the most powerful fighter in the multiverse, but the Saiyan has now found, or rather found, a new consciousness. Goku fights for the sake of the earth and his friends and not just for himself.

Goku is back to a nobility of spirit that had not been seen in a long time Time. After all, if he competes with angels himself, the credit is only due to his good intentions. With this new mental state, his Ultra Instinct, unleashed in the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super, can finally prove superior. Thanks to a fan, the battle between Molo and Goku from Dragon Ball Super has now come into color.

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