As can be seen from the first leaks leaked online, the next chapter of Dragonball Super 77 Granolah will finally find out the truth about that cursed night, the day that tragic fate befell her race.

After turning off Goku, e about to, Vegeta. to eliminateProud to die, the bounty hunter is stopped by Monaito, the older Namek who lives with him on the planet Cereal. As we saw in the last cliffhanger of Chapter 76, Monaito is apparently about to tell the Avenger the story of that day.

From the spoilers shared on social networks, it is suggested that in Chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super Granolah he will relive the night his race took place butchered by the Saiyan army. Could this story somehow quench his thirst for revenge against Freeza, Goku, and Vegeta?

Apparently, before this ominous event, it was the grain breed coexisted with harmony with the Namekians. But one night that peace was forever broken. As the full moon rose, cereal was overrun by the Saiyans who began the invasion in Oozaru. transform, the fearsome monkeys have been absent for some time.

When the weak resistance attempts are swept away, Monaito is entrusted with the Dragon Balls. The last Namek, however, is noticed by a monkey a big scar, a wound that every fan knows. Obviously this Oozaru is Baddack, Goku's father.

What else will we learn about Bardock and the story of that night? We leave you to other Dragon Ball Super 77 images and spoilers.

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