The Saga of Survivor Granolah is uncredited in Dragon Ball great and soon a new narrative arc will begin in the wake of the manga's recent events. However, the last chapters have been fundamental to understand the current level of the two protagonists.

Thanks to learned new technique from VegetaL'ultra egothat the Saiyan Prince has regainedhuge power gap created with Goku after the introduction of Ultra Instinct. But will the well-known anti-hero be able to defeat his eternal rival thanks to the skills learned through training with Beerus?

In short, Ultra Ego seems to be superior to Ultra Instinct at the moment. On the practice, in fact, Vegeta kept Granolah at bay unlike Goku who, on the other hand, only fought on an equal footing with the opponent's clone. This difference in strength between the two sides is motivated in part by the fact that although the prince learned the divine technique through training with a god of destruction, he managed to appropriate it and make it personal, something what Goku hasn't managed to do since the moment even Whis warned him, developing a 'own version of Ultra Instinct'.

Vegeta's Ultra Ego is therefore superior, thanks to the protagonist's ability to personalize the power of the Hakai in an original and personal way. And you instead, what do you think of these observations? Let us know with a comment below.

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