Hunter x Hunter father, Yoshihiro Togashi, has inspired entire and new generations of artists with his work, thanks to a storytelling talent that is second to none. Even the creator of the current phenomenon of the moment, Spy x familyIt was partially inspired by one of the 56-year-old Sensei's titles.

The setting of Spy x Family, while original, hides a certain resemblance to the 60's and 70's. Anyway, today the little gem of Tetsuya Endo has become one of the most popular titles in recent years and in just 4 episodes the TV series has climbed the highest charts My anime list and IMDB.

Thus, in recent weeks, the Sensei has taken part in a number of initiatives where he has been asked who is the author he most admires and respects. Endo would have replied: "I really like Togashi's Hunter x Hunter series. I'd love to draw a manga like that one day, but I know I can't be like Togashi, so I try to create works that are within my ability".

Well, so the author has directly confirmed that he is inspired Yoshihiro Togashi. After all, it's not the first time fans have noticed a resemblance between the two titles, not just in name but also in some lines of dialogue or specific events. And you, what do you think of the words of Spy x Family's creator instead? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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