The saga of the prisoner of the Galactic Patrol Dragon Ball Super has finally ended, offering readers one of the most epic and bizarre battles in franchise history. Goku had to do his best to defeat Molo, but where will his new powers lead?

In the final stage of the storyline, Molo merged with Earth to defeat his opponent. The evil wizard's ultimate metamorphosis allowed him to Absorb life energy of all inhabitants of the planet, including Goku and Vegeta.

Now almost without strength and unable to use the Ultra Perfect Instinct again, the protagonist of the work of Toriyama and Toyotaro seemed to be defeated. But one last insane attempt by the Saiyan prince donated new hope for the Z Warriors.

Training on the planet Yardrat enables Vegeta to use an extraordinary new technique: splitting the mind. Basically, the Saiyan acts as a Conduction that can accumulate energy of the other fighters to channel it towards Goku, who in this way regains his divine ki.

This renewed elixir of life enables Goku to use a surprising new ability. Similar to Sasuke's Susanoo in Naruto: Shippuden there is a giant next to Goku Alter ego made entirely of energy able to block Molo's movements. Now cornered, the protagonist was able to destroy the jewel from which the wizard drew energy and thus end the battle.

This technique is most likely alone the prelude to what awaits us in the next story arc. Perfect Ultra Instinct has opened the door to a new wave of devastating techniques that will take the series' combat mechanics to new levels. Only the gods of destruction and the angels can face Goku. After the suggestions, Vegeta has to wait. The next divine warrior from Dragon Ball Super will be Uub. The Dragon Ball Super Pier story arc is the longest to date. Will it be overtaken soon?

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