Dragon Ball Super: Fans accuse Goku of being the real enemy of the series

The series from Dragon Ball Super has brought numerous changes in the universe created by Akira Toriyama, and when we saw an improvement in Vegeta that seems to fix the horrific actions of the past, some fans instead thought of a negative change for Goku.

Much of the Dragon Ball Super narrative, at least in relation to the first legends, has evolved around a single element: the protagonist's desire to face increasingly powerful opponents, even at the expense of the entire multiverse, as happened at the Tournament of Power.

Based on this premise, a fan, user @TheHakiGodJulio, shared a thought on Twitter that could be over-defined, comparing Freeza and Goku and defining the first as "the villain's appearance" Saiyan received the title of "real villain".

This claim caused a number of responses that were highlighted Goku's wrong decisions on numerous occasionsHowever, the risks taken only for the purpose of fun, or their decline compared to the level of maturity achieved in Majin Buu's Dragon Ball Z saga, have never defined the Saiyan as evil or hostile, as from the below standing contributions emerges on the side.

Recall that a fan recently invented the strongest form of goku and that Vegeta used 4th gear in a stunning crossover fan art.

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