It's not uncommon for an author to hide little Easter eggs for readers to see between the pages of new chapters. Even Toyotaro, the face behind it Dragon Ball greatsometimes delights in hiding little elements here and there that only a few enthusiasts can see.

In reality, even the animated counterpart of Dragon Ball Super hides some easter eggs, as does the final film with a reference to chapter 94 of the manga. Anyway, this round Toyotaro wanted to use a simple character to hide an easter egg that could also mean more.

The number 59 that appears under the traffic lightIn fact, it's not a coincidence since the numbers can be read as "Go" and "Ku" in Japanese. That's not all, considering that May 9th is known internationally as the 'goku day', a date that often reveals pleasant surprises related to the franchise as well. So who knows if this year won't be able to reveal some information about the future of anime on this day.

We only have to wait two months for that date, in the meantime we just have to invite you to follow us so as not to miss any news on the future of Dragon Ball Super. And you, on the other hand, had you noticed that Easter egg? Let us know with a comment below.

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