Unfortunately, not all series of Japanese origin are well received in all parts of the world, not even the most popular titles such as The attack of the giants. A few souls have even been banished from the nation, so let's look at a list of 15 of those cases.

Australia is one of those countries with a hard fist on anime, the same goes for Russia, which has loosened its grip over the past two years. Thanks to the Anime Senpai editorial team who have collected 15 titles banned in different parts of the world, we take this opportunity to tell you what these series are and why they have been strongly condemned:

  1. Shojo Tsubaki: banned in almost every country in the world for sexual content or even pedophilia;
  2. Recording of Ragnarok: Banned in India for “wrong” interpretation of their god;
  3. The attack of the giants: in China due to potentially harmful content for children;
  4. Hetalia: Axis Powers: South Korea for offensive images of the nation;
  5. Kinnikuman (Ultimate Muscle): Banned in France because of Brocken Jr.'s uniform;
  6. Pokemon: in Saudi Arabia because it promotes Christianity and Zionism;
  7. Inuyashiki: Russia because there are no age restrictions;
  8. Kodomo no Jikan: USA for pedophilia;
  9. Highschool DxD: banned in New Zealand for excessive nudity;
  10. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord: Australia for Excessive Nudity;
  11. Shin-chan: India, for nudity and bad influence on minors;
  12. Tokyo Ghoul: Russia for cannibalism;
  13. death notice: Banned in China for bad influence on minors;
  14. Voltes V: Philippines because it would incite violence;
  15. Kite: Banned in Norway for violent and sexual content;

And you, on the other hand, did you know the fate of all these souls? Let us know with a comment below.

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