Before the start of the Dragonball Super, Akira Toriyama had begun to play heavily with the duality between Goku and Vegeta, a confrontation dictated not only by the mutual desire to overcome the other, but above all by their ideals that have evolved throughout history became.

Today Vegeta has changed a lot since his arrival on earth, he is a completely different man because he now finds something to protect in his hands, a family that loves him and that has accepted him despite his past of blood and violence. But if there is something Majin Buu saga taught us that the Saiyan prince, despite his growth and will to redeem, never lost his Nature so dedicated to struggle.

The final chapter of Dragon Ball Super was clear evidence of that. For much of the episode, our hero provoked his opponent to study him and even managed to capture them all Lack of experience with Granolahthat definitely blew him away. However, Vegeta has nothing to protect where he is and so he decides to reappear his old self: the warrior and violent Saiyan.

If you think about it, there is a very specific duality between Goku and the Prince: the first represents peace, so much so that the ultra instinct It is a force that, despite anger, requires absolute inner calm while what seems to be there is there Vegeta's new transformation is strongly associated with a sense of destruction, the complete opposite of what Goku represents. A duality that therefore reflects their characters and what they both always have been, a man on the front lines to protect others and keep the peace, and another who, on the other hand, has always tried to defend his enemy without hesitation fight and overwhelm. .

The Ultra Instinct and the power of Vegeta are therefore just two techniques to bring back their original essence, their true characters who have always distinguished their characters: peace and destruction. Instead, what do you think of this parallelism? Let us know with a comment below.

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