Find out more about Batman's past in the new edition of Young justice Fans could see a famous character reassume the identity of Robin, Bruce Wayne's historical ally.

In the past few weeks, Volume 8 of the Young Justice series has been published on the pages of previous comics Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington had introduced the character of Drake, the name Tim Drake introduced himself by, the historical character and the third person to assume the identity of Robin from 1991 to 2009. In the last issue, Tim Drake therefore decided to change his costume and reappear later to the world like Robin more than ten years of absence.

We don't yet know if it will be a final change or if it will be possible to see the superhero again in the role of Drake, although there are numerous fans of the DC Comics who were not convinced by this version of Tim Drake . So let's wait to find out what will happen in number 9 of Young Justice. In the meantime, we report a curiosity about the origins of a Batman vehicle.

Instead, if you are interested in the world of Dc comics We refer to our guide to Panini Comics publications, which focuses on Batman and the other superheroes of American comics.

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