During the end of the arch of Molo di Dragon Ball Super Perhaps the Saiyan prince has once again aroused discontent among Vegeta fans. He shows all his pride in this series of CGI images.

Artist Jesse Onyna, who specializes in this type of work, has posted a series of images on his Instagram profile depicting Vegeta in a "real" style. From the basic shape to the Super Saiyan that goes through the Super Saiyan god and Super Saiyan blue, the prince of the Saiyan is shown in all of its fighting potential. His training on the planet Yardrat to fight the wizard Molo seems to have paid off, albeit in a very special way.

The user's work is impeccably done and shows what Vegeta would look like in one Implementation in computer graphics by Dragon Ball Super. And what do you think of these pictures? Want to see a canon version of the Akira Toriyama franchise with that particular graphic style? While we wait for this hypothesis to really come true, we admire the potential of the Ultra Perfect Instinct in this collector's statue of Dragon Ball Super for over 4000 euros. In another work by a fan, the sprites of Gohan and Trunks of Dragon Ball fight.

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