Although the anime concluded with the Tournament of Power story arc, the manga is by Dragon Ball great will continue to appear monthly. The work of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro enters the finale of the Granolah the Survivor saga, showing fans true Saiyan pride with Dragon Ball Super 84.

Along with the manga, the new movie will also be included in the franchise Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, which hits Japanese theaters on June 11. The feature film, which will showcase TOEI Animation's innovative animation techniques, will star Piccolo and Gohan, who, as announced in the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero promo, will take on a new form.

We imagine that the fanart for Goku's son's new transformation won't be long in coming. Fans' illustrations are constantly depopulating among social networks, waiting here for the new Warriors Z movie Fanart of Goku and Vegeta children in an alternate pastwhere they are spoiled by Whis and Beerus respectively.

Maybe in a different timeline Goku and Vegeta, instead of making their respective paths after the planet Vegeta exploded, they ended up on Beerus' planet. In the artwork by @__1000,000, which you will find at the end of the news, the little Saiyajins are in the arms of the two divine beings. While Whis softly kisses baby Goku on the forehead, Beerus takes a light bite to a surprised Baby Vegeta.

The image is full of sweetness accentuated by the pink background. The characters are instead in black and white and appear to be taken from the charts of the manga he drew Toyotaro.

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