The latest dates with the manga of Dragon Ball great They turned out to be full of twists, new forms and incredibly intense fights. The fight against gas seems to be drawing to a close, as does the Granolah saga, and Toyotaro seems to have prepared a powerful tag team for the grand finale.

Everyone opposed the Heeter, especially Gas, Goku, Vegeta, Granolah and Monaito You are the four heroes responsible for repelling the threat posed by the most powerful warrior in the universe today. The constant exchange of blows between Goku and Gas was interrupted several times by sudden upgrades, and by the Return to the battlefield first from Granolah and then from the Saiyan Prince.

To defeat Gas, or at least try to stop his renewed anger triggered by the new transformation, collaboration between all the main actors in this narrative arc has become necessary, though their timely interventions may seem forced. What was surprising, however, was the approach Monaco. The Namek is indeed placed in front of Oil and Macki, eager to help Gas and, thanks to the hypnosis technique, causes them to fall to the ground asleep. An extremely valuable aid that gives a character more meaning stayed so far from the battlefield.

The final table of Chapter 86 leaves little room for interpretation: Gasoline is exhausted, at the center of a huge crater created by the force with which he returned to Cereal after being swept away by Granolah’s energy sphere. Teamwork has proven efficient so far, but can they really aim to defeat all of the Heeters?

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