When it comes to Saiyans, there are many things to consider. Both Goku and Vegeta have demonstrated this many times, but even Baddack showed undue pride when he last acted Dragon Ball Super Chapter. Without fear of death he dared to take on the challenge with Gas, the smallest and strongest of the heeters.

The challenge with the planet Cereal was tough, but Bardock finally managed to hold out long enough. Monaito's intervention certainly helped, but there was little the Namekkian could do except stop a spear as the Saiyan was determined to fight to the end. In Dragon Ball Super 83 we saw the birth of a secret power used by Baddack that allowed the Saiyan to KO his enemy.

This power will return in Dragon Ball Super 84? A few questions will be answered next month, with the possibility that Goku will be able to embrace the momentum that characterized his father fifty years ago. A Saiyan's will to fight can actually lead to unleashing unique inner powers, and that's exactly what Goku and Vegeta need right now to put a stop to the ambitions of Gas and the other Heeters.

We'll find out if that's true Dragon Ball Super 84, which will be released on MangaPlus on Thursday May 19, 2022 at 17:00.

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