The Granolah saga has taken a very different turn compared to the opening bars, presenting the true antagonists, the Heeters. Thanks to eavesdropping on the data stored in Baddack's Scouter, Goku and Vegeta are ready to return to the battlefield, and in a big way, as shown in Chapter 84 of Dragon Ball great.

In the beginning tables of the chapter The protagonists manage to regain their strength thanks to Monaito's care, and shortly thereafter, through fragments of memories and flashbacks relating to his parents, Goku comes to understand the true sense of pride that characterizes the Saiyan race. The surprise of discovering that Gas has already returned to Cereal immediately brings Goku and Vegeta onto the battlefield, and without hesitation, the two unleash their most powerful forms.

Toyotaro wanted to be represented in a spectacular table that you can also find at the end of the post shared by a fan the two eternal rivals united against the gas threat. However, the power of Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego doesn't seem to be enough to get the Heeter in serious trouble. In an exchange on the final pages Vegeta admits to getting more and more powerful thanks to the pain felt

Finally, remember that there are some errors in Chapter 84 for which Toyotaro has apologized himself.

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