The community of Dragon Ball great She was particularly impressed with Baddack's return to the story. Some 40 years prior to the present tale, Goku's father fought a particularly difficult opponent and managed to win in a way that the protagonists only seem to have discovered through his scout.

In fact, in the final chapter of the manga, after seeding Gas, Goku quickly returned to his companions, gaining precious minutes, if not hours, in which they could relive and listen to the fight that took place years ago between Bardock and Gas themselves could access the data collected by the Saiyan scouter, which is kept by Monaito. Despite The Namek had asked the dragon Toronbo to send Baddack back to the planet Vegetathe warrior decided to continue to be guided by the purest Saiyan pride.

However, Gas proved superior from a fighting point of view and even managed to rip the Saiyan's tail off. But Baddack, relying on his unwavering willpower and his race's innate ability to continually push their limits and improve from a fighting perspective, was able to fight back an extraordinary powerwhich enabled him to win.

It is not clear what power it is, but from what is shown, Baddack appears around him with a magnificent aura, and while it's not in Super Saiyan form, given the lack of blonde hair, it's unavoidable to think that Goku's father was close to reaching that legendary stage. After all, he managed to take out Gas, which causes Goku and the others a lot of trouble, with a devastating attack, to say the least.

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