Dragonball Super has made it clear with the last two chapters who the strongest warriors in the universe are. Granolah and Gas fight each other and show their strongest moves, with poor Goku and Vegeta being banished to the mere spectators of a fight in which to intervene would mean death.

Since the battle between the two warriors takes place in Chapter 79, we will have to wait for the epilogue at least Dragon Ball Super 80. The latter is going to be a really interesting chapter: at the end of 79 Gas has started to adapt to its new powerswhile holding back at the beginning of the fight with Granolah.

The cerulean that strengths with the without him from Vegeta. to have given, seemed to be able to defeat Heeter in obvious trouble. Gas was not yet accustomed to his new power, which came to the Dragon Balls thanks to the Companion's wish. But in the finale of Dragon Ball Super 79, Gas uses Hakai, a divine technique known only to gods and angels.

Vegeta was able to apply a Hakai principle with considerable effort. Needless to say, everyone was surprised by thisincredible strength of gaswho will give us a demonstration of all their capabilities from chapter 80. How far can his destructive techniques go after seeing how he uses Hakai? We certainly do not envy Granolah, although we hope it is possible be a worthy opponent from Heeter.

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