After a month of waiting, the week is the Dragonball Super, in which the new chapter of the manga will be published directly on Manga Plus. The first spoilers have appeared on the web, promising a battle between Vegeta and Granolah more epic than ever. But what will be the result of the clash?

From the first leaks of Chapter 75 of Dragon Ball Super, the name of Vegeta’s new technology arose, which, unlike Goku, seems to work through consciousness with the Body that does not move automatically. The spoilers leaked so far have shown an exciting fight with great choreography and a Saiyan prince has never been so fierce against his opponent.

However, the outcome of the fight again does not seem to favor the Saiyan, who, as a new leak in the network shows, appears to have been defeated by the clash. Vegeta actually decides to use the Hakai to destroy the planet and take Granolah off permanently, but the latter suddenly reverses the situation awaken his full powers and corner his enemy. In the table at the end of the news, we see Granolah walking up to the wounded prince and lying on the floor.

Could our hero be doomed to yet another defeat? We just have to wait for the new Dragon Ball Super chapter to be released for more details, until then, as usual, let us know what you think of this leak with a comment below.

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