According to the first details revealed in the interviews with Toyotaro, the narrative arc of Granolah the Survivor would have marked a point of no return in the universe of universe Dragonball Super. From the new chapter 74 images leaked on the net, it appears that expectations are being met, Vegeta is actually going to receive a new transformation.

Several fans already had the event on the website of. expected Kanzenshuu, a well-known forum in the community, publishes the final table of the relevant chapter and after a few days other images were publishedwhich in its entirety showed the new form of the Saiyan prince.

Fans and readers of the work created by Akira Toriyama have long waited for another transformation of the character of Vegeta, which somehow could confront yourself with the divine technique of Ultra Instinct learned from eternal rival Goku. From the three tables you can see below, it appears that the Saiyan, having suffered multiple damage from Granolah, will be forced to show his ace in the hole.

The transformation in question creates a very special aura around Vegetawho seems to heal instantly from any injuries sustained. The eyes become clear and the eyebrows disappear like it happens to Goku and Gotenks when they reach the third level of Super Saiyan. It is not yet clear where this hidden power comes from, however Toyotaro’s decision to dwell on the earring Beerus gave Vegeta, could mean that it is connected to the divine sphere.

What do you think of these pictures? Are you convinced of the new transformation? Let us know with a comment below. We remember it Chapter 74 will be released on Manga Plus on July 20, 2021, and we’ll let you find out who are the strongest warriors right now after Goku and Vegeta.

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