Granolah became the strongest warrior in the universe, showing the skills he acquired after making his wish to the dragon of the planet Grain. On the other hand is that Dragon Ball Super protagonist who had a tough training session with Whis, the angel who follows the god of destruction Beerus.

In Chapter 72 of Dragon Ball Super, these two characters faced each other. While the Heeter go on with their plan Goku and Granolah face each other and right now the cereleaner seems to have a better chance of winning than his opponent. From the start of the fight he seemed superior to Goku, and the Saiyan tried to use that new form of Ultra Instinct.

In fact, Goku suggested using Ultra Instinct in its normal form without transforming itself in order to save a lot more energy. Goku makes use of this and manages to avoid Granolah's various energy attacks, but not even this ability manages to avoid the attack the Cereleaner uses to knock him out.

After resuscitation of the companion with the Senzu, Vegeta warns Goku that Ultra Instinct is not strong enough in this form to face this opponent again. From this we conclude that Goku's new weapon still has very clear limits, but it also has considerable potential.

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