Despite the general enthusiasm for the new film by Dragon Ball SuperIn the meantime, the manga continues its serialization on the pages of V-JUMP magazine and in about ten days the highly anticipated chapter 72 should appear on Manga Plus. In this context, the publisher has published a preview image.

Monthly the publisher of the above-mentioned journal, Win Uchidatakes the opportunity to make a video illustrating the latest franchise news. Oddly enough, the magazine's editor-in-chief didn't mention any information about the Dragon Ball Super movie announced yesterday, but still showed readers some pleasant surprises.

Indeed that Draft Chapter 72 of DB Superor the first few draft pages of the new manga episode expected around the 14th of this month. In the video in question, accessible via the link to the source, the eccentric editor showed a small portion of a table of the new chapter in which Vegeta and Goku attack, the latter with his eyes closed and probably at the Ultra Instinct stage. That is what is eagerly awaited Comparison between the two Saiyans and Granolah has it finally arrived?

And what do you think of that first thumbnail instead? What do you expect from the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super? As usual, let us know what you think about this with a comment in the appropriate field at the bottom of the page.

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