Just a few days Debut of the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super. After Goku and the others got rid of the wizard Molo, who had risked to the last to become master of the galaxy, they went to parties to celebrate the return of peace. For some, however, it doesn't seem to have arrived.

While Goku is training with Whis, there will also be a new conversation between Vegeta and Beerus in Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super, the drafts of which have so far been officially revealed by V-Jump magazine. I am waiting to find out what this appointment with the manga Toyotaro and Toriyama has in store for us very brief spoiler summary of Dragon Ball Super 69 complete with considerations from the well-known insider Ryokutya.

"XX has a life similar to that of an RPG protagonist. The reason why XX was canceled ... I hope it's a lie. It's a lie, isn't it? When would they meet? Similar story? Eh "Anyway, it's a fantastic development. Toriyama's Dragon Ball had long conversations between fights. But this time." it looks like there will be an important episode. "

These are the words Ryokutya posted on his blog and therefore mean Main developments in Dragon Ball Super 69.

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