The last two chapters of Dragon Ball Super laid the foundation for the next narrative arc, which in some ways is related to what was seen during the ongoing confrontation with the magician Molo, and from some details on the most recently published pages it appears that Zuno is also one in the Granolah saga will play a decisive role.

As Goku and Vegeta seem to start new workouts to improve their mastery of Ultra Instinct and discover new divine techniques under the guidance of Beerus, the focus then shifts to Granolah who appears to be alive a bounty hunter driven by deep vengeance on the Saiyan race. Surprisingly, we are also introduced to the group of criminals he works for and during their conversation a rather interesting detail emerges regarding the search for a character that readers will surely remember.

It's about Zuno, wanted for his immense intelligence and limitless knowledgetherefore viewed as a real threat. His first appearance goes back to chapter 7 of the manga "Warriors of the Sixth Universe", in which Bulma and Jaco were busy finding the Super Dragon Balls. Although nothing specific is known yet, it is plausible to believe that Zuno will play an important role in the EUhypothetical clash between Granolah and Saiyajin's protagonists. What do you think of the return of this particular character? Let us know with a comment below.

Keep in mind that Vegeta could learn a better technique than Ultra Instinct, and we'll leave you the details regarding Granolah's origins.

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