After two years, the Molo threat has finally disappeared from the manga, which was written and drawn by Toyotaro and overseen by Akira Toriyama. With Chapter 67, Dragon Ball Super will close this saga once and for all. However, there are still a few small problems to be solved.

As always, V-Jump Magazine made this available first drafts of Dragon Ball Super 67. As a result, we can see the start of the chapter that will appear on MangaPlus next week. This time the editors have decided to provide 9 pages from the Toyotaro drafts that continue the celebrations of victory that began at the end of the last chapter.

All of Goku's friends thank him and give him a hug while Vegeta and Piccolo stay away. Here, too, everyone celebrates and jumps for joy at the sanctuary of God, with Master Roshi still congratulating his student. A bracket is also dedicated to Uub, who sees the Great Kaioshin disappearing before him. The latter teleports to the sanctuary of God and definitely leaves the body to Majin Buu to the delight of Mr. Satan.

The following pages are dedicated to the party and we also review Goths and Trunks, Pilaf and his henchmen, but also the residents of Yardrat. Now peace has returned to the galaxy and thanks to the Dragon Balls, the residents of Neo Namek will be brought back to life along with all the planets destroyed by Molo.

Since these are only the first nine pages, Dragon Ball Super 67 could close this saga with a few twists.

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