After performing Vegeta's blows, Molo had to retreat to absorb Android 73 and thus gain his powers. The villain of Dragon Ball Super In fact, he is able to copy the powers of others and replicate them indefinitely, making a victory almost impossible for the protagonists. But Merus' arrival disrupted the plans.

in the Dragon Ball Super 63 Merus confronts Molo with the knowledge that due to the angelic laws that impose impartiality on this species, he will disappear. With his staff and techniques, Merus delivers blow after blow to the opponent who seems to be at the mercy of the new character. Molo didn't think he would get into trouble like this, considering what happened soon after.

When Merus starts disappearing, the boy begins in the second half of Dragon Ball Super chapter 63 deliver precise hits that take away one of Molo's firepoweror the ability to use other people's techniques. Using the staff and other techniques, Merus first destroys the seals on the wizard's hands and then triggers a forehead attack that destroys the last element that can trigger copying abilities.

Now that Merus is gone, it must be Goku using Ultra Instinct to save the day. Molo grew weaker even if it confirms that it is still a serious threat. Will the Saiyan win this time?

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