Within Dragonball Super the Vegeta god of destruction hypothesis is becoming more and more suggestive. But why could this theory actually hide some details about the future of the Saiyan prince? Here are 5 reasons why we believe Vegeta's future is not that far from the divine sphere.

Today we are talking about Super Saiyan Purple in terms of the immediate fate of our hero, who with after training Beerus, could finally unlock a new transformation. In any case, there are 5 interesting points where a connection between Vegeta and the role of the god of destruction cannot be ruled out:

  • Beerus himself, the current god of the 7th universe's destruction, seems to see something in the prince that makes them resemble. And for the same reason it has too decided to give him the hakai. to teach, perhaps with the aim of entrusting him with the task sooner or later. Not to mention that Beerus knows some Saiyan secrets that we don't yet know;
  • The experience Vegeta gained could turn him into a perfect god of destruction. Compared to the past, our hero learned a lot of values ​​and began to bear the weight of his responsibility. Anything could start with him a god as wise as he is merciless when necessary;;
  • Akira Toriyama is Toyotaro they might decide to bring him back into the realm of the divine to revive the character who has been overshadowed by the ubiquitous Goku for some time, giving him a place for the future of the franchise;
  • The Saiyans' willingness to fight could lead Vegeta to part ways away from home for the ages, with the constant appeal of new clashes typical of the race of which he himself is prince;
  • The question with Goku: If our protagonist seems more and more connected to the angelic sphere, also in view of the special eye with which Whis is offered to him, the two authors could decide to balance all this by making Vegeta the next god of destruction;

But do you think that is a really workable hypothesis? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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