After a long wait, finally away from the large and small screens Dragon Ball Super is preparing to return to the animated front with a new project that, given the little information leaked so far, will be unpublished and not necessarily linked to the manga's current events.

Akira Toriyama reserved a special message on the occasion of the Goku day and the announcement of the new movie due to debut later in 2022. The Sensei actually spoke of a "new aesthetics"For this feature film, but what is it exactly? Before you go any further, we encourage you to read our special, which has all the information we have so far about the new Dragon Ball Super movie."

To tell the truth, it's unlikely TOEI animation decides to change the character design of the film after the DB Super: Broly feat. So it could be like that too Naohiro Shintani was again responsible for the feature film or again that someone else took over the direction of the project, but at least stayed true to the style of the previous film or that of Yamamuro. However, in March last year, TOEI entered into a partnership with TOEI Preferred networks Use artificial intelligence in the field of Japanese animation and simplify production efforts, at least with regard to the background. As you can see in the picture gallery attached at the end of the news about the program Scenify A panorama photo could be processed with the AI, which was then transferred to TOEI for the finishing touches.

It could be a really useful tool in cutting down hours, and who knows if a Dragon Ball movie can be the entry point into this type of technology. So we just have to wait for more news to understand whether or not TOEI Animation is exploiting this technique to "new aesthetics"Praised by Toriyama. And you, what do you think of this partnership instead? Let us know what you think in a comment below.

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