TOEI Animation especially likes to play with its franchises. In fact, some of the studio's most popular titles have a variety of Easter eggs that usually escape the eyes of viewers. For example, here is the time when one of the protagonists of the saints Seiya appeared inside Dragon ball.

It is not the first time that the Knights of the Zodiac have become part of works that are completely different from their affiliation series. In one of the episodes of Ken the Warrior, we actually notice Sirius and Andromeda in the distance with their iconic tracks. The Knight of the DragonHowever, he also took part in another well-known series, Dragon Ball.

During episode 134 the more attentive one will have noticed scrolling mysterious person behind Goku and Krillin. If you've never noticed the scene in question, you can find the image extract in the attachments at the bottom of the news. So as you can see Sirius the dragon, easily recognizable due to its iconic appearance, only seems to flow behind the protagonists for a few moments. However, this isn't the only cameo that the masterpiece of is involved in Akira ToriyamaJust think that Bulma's first appearance is on Lum's anime.

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