Commemoration of the end of the serialization of the manga, written and illustrated by Kouji Seo, Hitmanon the official YouTube channel of the magazine's editorial team Weekly Shonen Magazine from Kodansha The animated adaptation of the manga was released for free Fuuka. The series has audio only in Japanese and will be available with a deadline of April 19th.

In addition, Fuuka is a manga that was written and illustrated by Kouji Seowhich was published in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha between February 2014 and April 2018 with a total of twenty compiled volumes. However, it should be noted that the twelve-episode animated adaptation, which originally aired in Japan between January and March 2017, had an original approach.


  • Lynn as Fuuka Akitsuki.
  • Saori Hayami as Koyuki Hinashi.
  • Yusuke Kobayashi like Yuu Haruna.
  • Mikako komatsu as Sara Iwami.
  • Souma saitou as Makoto Mikasa.
  • Kazuyuki okitsu as Kazuya Nachi.
  • Megumi Nakajima as Yuzuki Eba.

Production team

  • Keizou Kusakawa ((Ahiru no Sora, Dog days, Happy sugar life) was responsible for directing the anime in the studios Diomedea.
  • Aoi Akashiro ((Killing bites, Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi OVA, Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e) was responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Yoshino Honda ((Ahiru no Sora) was responsible for the character design.

Synopsis of Fuuka

The story follows the life of Yuu Haruna, who recently moved to Tokyo with his sisters after his father was forced to move abroad for work. On the way to dinner while checking his Twitter account, a high school girl suddenly runs into him. The girl, believing she would take pictures of her under her skirt, takes Yuu's phone, breaks it, and hits him before leaving Yuu on the floor. It turns out that this girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, also goes to school, which Yuu is switching to.

Unlike most people, Fuuka doesn't have a cell phone. You can even listen to music with a CD player. Over time, these two get closer and decide to form a band with their friends and step into the professional world of music. What will happen to Yuu's new life in Tokyo with Fuuka?

Source: Official YouTube channel

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