Among the most well-known protagonists of the global Shonen scene, a prominent place has made him the hero for many years Dragon Ball, Goku. Saiyajin, who grew up on Earth, is one of the most popular characters in the world thanks to a funny personality and the dozens of battles fought to defend his beloved planet.

Despite its naive character Goku has shown how few to argue during the fighting, underscoring a predisposition to the duel that resembles that of Vegeta, another real talent. Compared to the Prince of Saiyans, the protagonist has always maintained a pure and innocent warrior philosophy, an opinion that has often endangered the lives of those around him.

Despite all of this set of factors, the legendary hero continues to be valued by the entire community dedicated to the masterpiece of Akira Toriyamaas proof of the numerous illustrations dedicated to him. In this regard, a fan, a certain A2T will draw, Goku paid homage in a particular artistic representation in which he tried to reinterpret his design through the style of some Shonen works, including Naruto and ONE PIECEand some famous American cartoons, like Rick & Morty and Family Guy.

And on the other hand, what do you think about this strange fan art, with which style do you value the protagonist of Dragon Ball the most? Tell us as always with a comment in the appropriate reserved field at the bottom of the page.

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