dragon ball and football are certainly two very different worlds, but more than once we have seen the two spheres together through spectacular initiatives. This time, it was the Los Angeles Football Club fans who made the MLS Finals extra special.

Many footballers grew up with him Son Goku and Vegeta, just think that a former Barcelona footballer decided to change his name to that of the protagonist or to the brand new Aubameyang boots. Recently, however, something particularly strange happened during the MLS Finals in which the Los Angeles Football Club fans he decided to make his choreography a viral phenomenon.

The win against PhiladelphiaUnion it was finally decided on penalties 6 to 3. The merit of triumph can only be given to the fans who decided at the beginning of the game to burden the players with one gigantic choreography by Gogeta, the same that you can admire at the bottom of the news. It's safe to say that this wasn't lucky, because in the end the Los Angeles Football Club emerged victorious from the finals.

And you instead, what do you think of this umpteenth and brilliant idea from the fans? Let us know with a comment below.

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