Dragon Ball and Pokémon unite in a promotional anime to promote condoms

When it comes to creating ingenious commercials to promote certain products, the Rising Sun has always been able to churn out hilarious advertisements with a moral content. Yet the last of them exploits in a parodistic key Dragon Ball and Pokémon to raise public awareness of the use of contraceptives.

Just a few days from the splendid computer graphics trailer of Evangelion, specially made to sponsor the OPPO Reno Ace 2, Japan returns to be talked about thanks to yet another promotional spot. The company Okamoto is the leading company of condoms on national soil and could not be otherwise thanks to the ingenious TV commercials that they make occasionally.

The latest advertisement, in fact, gave birth to a short cartoon entitled "Condom Battler Gorou"that recover some evident characteristics from the world of Pokémon and Dragon Ball, as well as a few quotes to Mobile Suit Gundam. Through the hilarious and characteristic tones of Akira Toriyiama's imagination, the company has attempted to raise public awareness of the use of condoms. A bizarre and ingenious idea to offer a particular product in a nice and original way. However, at the bottom of the news you can take a look at some of the images of the short film in question.

But speaking of hilarious commercials from Japan, what do you think of this Apple-themed anime advertisement?

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