dragon ball it has since become a seminal work that has the potential to influence many authors and mangakas who still today follow the style of master Akira Toriyama. To commemorate the origins of the series, but also to celebrate the ending narrated in the final chapter of Z, the artists at BT Studio have presented a new collectible figure.

At least the Journey Goku took alongside Bulma Retrieving the Dragon Orbs fundamentally changed the protagonist's lifestyle. As an expert in children's martial arts, Goku has actually discovered that he is destined to defend Earth and also the seventh universe in Dragon Ball Super from ever-increasing threats. Empowered by his martial arts and the legacy of Saiyan blood, the protagonist has now reached an almost divine level of power.

Initially, however, Toriyama focused more on combining his battlefield skills with original, external elements that nonetheless shaped the story, such as: Golden Cloud given to Goku by Master Roshi in one of the first chapters of the manga and the Nyoi Stick, used on many occasions and later found necessary to reach the Temple of the God of the Earth from the Karin Tower.

Combining these two unique elements of the original series and also the ending where Goku gives the readers, the artists, a goodbye smile BT studio They made the figures you can see in the images below. Goku appears wearing the green and light blue suit seen in the final chapter of the manga, above the cloud, with the Four Star Sphere, an heirloom bequeathed to him by his grandfather Son Gohan, and the Nyoi Stick in his hands. The 21 centimeter tall figure will be launched between the third and fourth quarters of 2023 and can already be booked for the Price of 140 euros.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Finally, we remind you that Akira Toriyama has just turned 68 and we leave you the cover of volume 26 redesigned by Boichi.

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