Dr. Stone, Manga written by Riichiro Inagaki and drawn by Boichi, received an animated version in 2019, the success of which inevitably led to the production of a second season. However, let's find out why fans seem concerned about the number of episodes of the same.

The work will be published on the website of Shonen Jump From 2017 and over the course of several years, it has become one of the magazine's flagship works. It tells of the petrification of all humanity for unknown reasons and the attempt by Senku to be freed from the stone a few millennia later to rebuild society from scratch with the power of science.

Recently from work a cartoon of 24 episodes produced by TMS Entertainment and a second season will be released shortly. The new episodes will tell the events of the so-called Stone WarsThese are the battles in which the Kingdom of Science, led by the protagonist, and the Kingdom of Science will participate Tsukasa, the main antagonist, whose goal is to create a world without adults, progress and logic that have always ruled the earth in the past. The cast of the second season of Dr. Stone has already been revealed and now we get new information on the number of episodes: a tweet I report at the bottom of the news seems to confirm this The series will last a single course, a term used to denote the television seasons of Japanese television, thus corresponding to a maximum of 13 episodes.

The reason for this decision is in the limited number of chapters available for new customization animated. Fan concern stems from the few episodes necessary to cover the full narrative arc of the Stone Wars. Indeed, it is possible that the length of the series could be reduced to 10 episodes or that the duration of the entire course could be kept with thatadd some fillers.

What do you think? Would you rather the series consist of some episodes or would you like to see some fillers? Let us know in the comments. In case you are impatient to wait for the second season, I bring you the first available pictures of Dr. Stone 2.

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