Doraemon, created by the writers Fujiko F. Fujio, debuted on the CoroCoro Comics website in 1969 and today represents one of the icons of Japanese animation as well as one of the most enduring franchises in the industry and the release of the poster because the new film caused a robot cat trend on social media.

Check out the upcoming release of the film in some countries Stand by me at Doraemon 2In fact, a poster was shared depicting a very important development in Nobita Nobi's life, namely Marriage to Shizuka Minamoto, his historical friend during the hundreds of adventures lived during the course of the series.

This information was not noticed and generated until after the poster was released, despite the film debut in Japan last November a host of enthusiastic and proud commentslike the one Doraemon himself saw on the poster. There were many fans who virtually congratulated Nobita, who after years finally managed to conquer Shizuka and show her how much he really wants to make her happy, as repeated several times throughout the trailer.

Recall that Nobita and friends recently returned in two special episodes, and we leave you to the disturbing legend of the Lost Episode.

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