After the return of Mimi and Togemon in Digimon Adventure, fans of the famous series are excited to see what will happen in the next episodes of the anime. Here official summary and trailer from episode 7.

Title "That boy is Kido Joe", the episode will introduce a new character in the series who will join the protagonists on their journey. At the end of the news you will find the tweet from @ Wikimon_news, with the trailer and the official summary of Digimon adventure: "Taichi and the others finally arrive near the coast, the continent is in sight. There you will find Kido Joe, Taichi's classmate, together with Gomamon. Joe studied to pass the difficult entrance exams at a respected school. For this reason, he cannot accept his mission and the fact that he has arrived in the digital world. He does not recognize Gomamon as his ally and refuses to follow Taichi and the others. The protagonists then try to face their journey alone, but are stopped by a violent Digimon, Gesomon, who starts a challenge with Gomamon".

If you're a fan of the series, keep in mind that a digital event is planned for Digimon that will be free on YouTube at next August 1st.

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