Digimon Adventure: An intense fight will be the focus of the next episode

The restart for the franchise's 20th anniversary, Digimon adventure The fans continue to surprise in every episode of the series, and the summary of the next awaits an interesting rematch between Greymon and one of the main opponents.

Since the beginning of their adventures in the digital world The chosen Digi were chased by the mysterious Ogremonand also from several Soundbirdmon who also instigated many wild Digimon against the protagonists. The first clash between Greymon and Ogremon ended with Tai's partner winning, but it seems there will be a second round soon.

Episode 8 of the series entitled "The ultimate Digimon attacks"is described in the official summary as follows: "Upon entering the enemy fortress, Tai and his companions learn of a holy Digimon who is being held there. Ogremon, who lost to Greymon recently, is blinded by revenge and attacks her, challenging Greymon again at the bases of the So the fortress begins a violent fight between Greymon and Ogremonand nobody seems to give way. Meanwhile, a Coredramon unit controlled by the Soundbirdmon launches an airstrike. Sora and the others try to avoid them, but there is no way out. "

Ogremon was one of the main villains of the first storyline in the original seriesand it seems that restarting with these last episodes wants to make it wilder. Keep in mind that Garurumon and Matt got a great statue and that Joe Kido made his debut in Episode 7.

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