The DigiChosen are back on Crunchyroll with a new anime titled Digimon Adventure. Despite the identical title, there are many deviations from the anime that Toei Animation produced and aired in 1999.

The beginning of the new digital adventure, the first meeting between Tai and Agumon, the creation of the Digi-Chosen Group: there are so many things that go into Digimon Adventure 2020 were changed from the original story. And in many ways it also seems like production has decided to speed things up tremendously and already showcase the Super DigiEvolutions.

After only 10 episodes, MetalGreymon can be seen in Digimon Adventure 2020 and will soon be followed by another super-level Digimon. We are watching them with the trailer for Episode 11 of Digimon Adventure 2020 that we can see in the tweet below Garurumon transformationthat, as you know, will develop into WereGarurumon. In fact, in the middle of the video, we see the explosion of blue light from Matt with the scene then moving to the bust of the wolf-like Digimon.

You expected a Using DigiEvolutions at the highest level so early on in Digimon Adventure 2020?

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