L'Bleach anime He returned to the small screen, debuting in a very different social context than the one he left over a decade ago. The main threat to the Millennium Blood War adaptation was censorship, but the second part of the series proves that threat has been overcome.

Today's animation industry has to pay much more attention and follow stricter rules than in the last decade. there Censorship is always around the cornerbut it seems that Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War has circumvented this obstacle.

In Bleach episode 368 we see Ichigo being approached by Nel. The arrancar, who now looks like a child, seeks help as Hueco Mundo has been ambushed by the forces of the Wandenreich and brought to his knees, the same as just before declared war on Soul Society.

Before the protagonist can travel, the anime puts the spotlight on the opposing faction. here we see Yhwach punishes Luders Friegen, whose right arm he had already torn off. Yhwach points his index finger at him and blows his head off in a stream of blood. Shortly thereafter, the leader of the Wandenreich turns his attention to Asquiaro Ebern, who had attacked Ichigo. As a reward for wasting Substitute Shinigami's time, he also blows his head off.

This scene turned out to be a carnage, with Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, which obviously didn't fall victim to censorship. We welcome you and let you progress at Bleach 369.

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